Bonus Access Part 107 sUAV Ground School - CheckridePrep™ - Written , Oral, and Checkride Prep

Bonus Access Part 107 sUAV Ground School

Review the live recorded classes later for those who need flexible schedules or want to review!
Receive a Course Certificate.
Be prepared for the FAA written exam!
BONUS quizzes after each class to reinforce and review the material and a final end of course test!
BONUS Live Q&A’s with the Chief Flight Instructor DAVID directly after class & every weekend during the course!!
BONUS “LIVE CHAT” during class with Ground School and Flight School Moderators to answer all of your questions on the spot AND after class!!
BONUS extra downloadable content and materials AND a direct referral to our Affiliate Drone Instructor Team to provide hands on training once you’ve passed your FAA Exam!!


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Class 1:

  • Introduction
  • Federal Aviation Regulations

Class 2:

  • Airspace
  • Airport Field Operations
  • Aviation Weather

Class 3:

  • Aeromedical Factors
  • Aeronautical Decision Making
  • Operations

Class 4:

  • Loading and Performance
  • Radio Communications
  • Preflight and Maintenance
  • Emergency Procedures
  • CRM
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