In Europe, an essential part to becoming a pilot, is passing the 14 Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) exams. It is the theory portion of a professional pilot training regulated by the EASA in the PART-FCL. Once you passed all of the exams, you will receive a certificate that gives you credits for the theory knowledge of the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and the Instrument Rating (IR).
Once you have completed your ATPL exams, received your CPL and your Multi Engine Instrument Rating (IR-ME), you will receive a frozen ATPL. Upon meeting the minimum flight experience requirements, you will be able to take the ATPL skill test and unfreeze your ATPL. You will then have a full Airline Transport Pilot License.
Note that you can also pass a specific theoretical exam for the CPL and the IR separately, but if your goal is to become a professional pilot the best option in any case is to pass all of the ATPL exams as to not being limited later in your career or have to retake some exams to receive the ATPL theory certificate.

This course covers:

  • Basic Radio Propagation Theory
  • Radio Aids
  • Radar
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSSs)

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